Dramatic Cheese Experience at Sorrento

Italian food is not my favourite. To be honest with you, I need to tell you upfront that I don’t particularly like pasta or cheese or pizza or stuffs that are categorized as “Italian food.” Coming here to Sorrento at Sathorn Soi 10 was not my idea, but I agreed since the place looked amazing on the website plus it has a variety of menu to choose from. Still skeptical though, until we actually stopped in front of the restaurant which was easier to find than we thought.



The sign was very clear to spot when driving into the little street from the main Sathorn road. Just on the right side after a short distance after turning into Soi 10. Valet parking is offered here as well.


We were quite taken by the beautiful sight of the place, popping out from a grand background of Hotel W and Mahanakorn Tower in construction. Stepping inside, we were quite impressed with the big chunk of Iberico Jamon from Spain, surrounded by expensive wine selections and equipments ready to deliver little thin delicacies from this beautiful Jamon. The interior decoration reflected its 30-year establishment, very experienced and well put together with a little Italian feel. The service was very good too. Staffs were called to gather in the room hidden from the front dining hall to be briefed about the service delivery. I overheard something like this on my way to the toilet “If the water is not filled, that’s bad. How can diners enjoy the food without drink?” Well, I smiled.

Wait, did I just see a big wheel of cheese? I stopped and the manager came to explain that it was Parmesan, imported from Italy. They use about 2 wheel of this each month!



The complementary dish here was the basic and simple Bruschetta. The french baguette slices were top with olive oil, cubed fresh tomatoes, and fine sliced basil. I have to say this is the best Bruschetta I’ve had. The olive oil flavor was so prominent in my mouth; the tomatoes were cold, freshed, and sweet; and basil was strong, aromatic, and tangy. All of them were simple but best combinations. Added to them were garlic bits that elevated them all to another note.


Not to let you wait any longer, the first thing we ordered was the pasta. When talking about pasta here at Sorrento, and the fact that we were here for the first time, there was nothing more appropriate to order than Cacio E Pepe, or Cheese and Pepper, the signature dish that brings all the drama to the table.


As seen here in the image (Clockwise, starting from top left) the whole dramatic finishing process started with pouring Brandy into a small bowl, which was again poured into the carved space in the middle of the big cheese wheel above. The fire danced around in that space to melt all the surface of cheese it’s touching. The cooked and seasoned pasta arrived and poured into the same cheese bowl, before being mixed and caramelized by the melted cheese, making it the perfect not-a-mandane carbonara without industrial heavy cream. The Parmesan-creamy pasta was served pleasantly, topped with sizeable well cooked scallops to share. And of course, this can’t be Cacio E “Pepe” without fresh grounded black pepper.

If you are a cheese lover, yes, you’ll probably be a big fan of this dish. I can’t say much about it since I think love for something is very specific and subjective. As a non-cheese-lover, I think the dish was cooked well in the way it was intended to. Not to say it was the best combination to my palate because it was quite salty (because it’s parmesan). The first thing I said after tasting was “I’m getting a lot of sodium”!


The second dish was, on the other hand, “the best pasta dish I’ve ever had.” Again, this is subjective. But as a person who does not like pasta as much, this dish had me at the first sight. “Linguini in Chunky Pesto and Grilled Prawns with Toasted Pine Nuts” was the name and the “Chunky” element was the pine nuts, sprinkled around the dish.

Prawns were very bouncy, cooked just right, and you could even taste the smokiness. The pesto sauce was tangy just right and not too oily. The Linguine was homemade; you could tell from the unequal shape of the noodles. The texture was firm, stretchy, and smooth. I have to ask you to try this out for yourself. The shaved parmesan slices add another note to the dish. And there were 3 so we could all share one! The pine nuts were fun. However, I wouldn’t even bother to chew the nuts. I’d rather have them grounded to have that little crunch in every bite.


The third dish was the Classic Caesar Salad in Parmesan Bowl. Normally, I would not ever…ever….order anything like this ubiquitous menu. However, that “parmesan bowl” got me curious after I saw that big wheel of parmesan cheese. The salad came physically in a bowl made from parmesan, which was strong enough to hold the Cross salad, crispy beacons, croutons, more grinded cheese toppings, and the loaded caesar dressing. This, unfortunately, was not one of my favourites. There was too much dressing, coated all over the veggies that I couldn’t even taste them. The beacons and croutons also outnumbered the nutritiousness of what salad is supposed to offer. The taste – well – normal. The parmesan crust was a bit too salty for me. You wouldn’t be able to eat it as a snacky bite. It would destroy your taste buds, coating them with sodium and more sodium. Luckily, this salad dish we had before the Cacio E Pepe. Otherwise, I might probably die of sodium overload (just joking here).


The final item to introduce was the Pumpkin soup, ordered by my beautiful sister. I did have a spoon of it. What I could say was that no heavy creamy kind of flavor. Real pumpkin with cubed pumpkin flesh. Rather light and healthy!

The other two diners decided to explore more into the drink menu and ordered them each a Rosa Confetto or Candy Pink in English. A mocktail with rose, rosemary, and egg white foam. I happened to have a sip. Okay, a few sips. The foam was really silky, climbing over my lips, acting like the base before the sweet berry-ish flavor of the drink blended in to make an enjoyable sip. Without the foam, though, the drink would be too sweet. But again, it’s very subjective to the preference of taste.

We found out that Sorrento also offers a lunch set menu on weekdays (except holidays). The prices were 290 and 390 with 3 courses you could choose from. The pasta would be less expensive. With the quality of food we had today, I had no doubt why that Sorrento has been able to run for more than 30 years. (It used to be on Sathorn Soi 6, and just moved here for about 5 years) The secret of this may be that they have accumulated networks with many suppliers around the world to deliver them a variety of seasonal ingredients, and have the bargaining power for the best quality. Also, the chef, I heard, that he has been with Serrato for about 20+ years?! He’s Thai but I guess he must be well trained just like the other Hall staffs we met.

Thank you for making the dinner very enjoyable with a reasonable price. We would definitely come back here again. First on weekdays to try out the lunch menu.

Check out the menu and more pics at Sorrento’s Facebook and check out what BKKMenu talks about the place!


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