Seek the Hidden Tastes at HYDE & SEEK – PART 2 (Dishes)

Hyde & Seek has more to offer than the Nam Dok Mai cocktail, made from Elderflower Cordial, that we talked about in Part 1. The dishes here are also noteworthy.

We were lucky to have a chance to taste the crispy Grilled duck leg with soft polenta and chilled daikon slices in balsamic reduction sauce, which was the special menu of the day. We were a big fan of Duck dishes, so we didn’t hesitate to choose this dish just to have a proper comparison with our past experiences.

Peak-a-Boo 4

The dish was served with a pleasant appearance. The sliced daikon was topped with freshly crushed black pepper and peppermint. With no hesitation, we knocked the skin to gauge if it was as crispy as it looked. The cracking sound made us feel satisfied. The flesh itself was at the right temperature, not too well done. Not too heavily seasoned on its own, the duck was sweetened by the balsamic reduction and freshened up by the chilled radish when touched the palate. The polenta, however, was a bit forgettable in my opinion. It was sadly left at the bottom, the same as it was served. The proportion was a bit too much, so it got cold too soon before we had the chance to finish all of it.

Peek-a-Boo 3

This dish is the Catch of the Day: Sea bass with saffron foam and clams. Sea Bass was exceptionally cooked. The skin was crispy as expected from a well-done dish. The sauce and saffron foam came together nicely, added another layer of depth to the fish, pulling out the sweetness of the fish without taking away the fish’s authentic flavor. Clams acted like a contrasting flavor to clean our palate for a bit after the combination of many other tastes on the plate. It was refreshing and prevented the meal from being too one-note.

Peek-a-Boo 5

The last dish presented here is the Slow-Poached Salmon with sweet butter, Parmesan froth, asparagus, and celeriac salad on top. Normally, Salmon is the verdict dish for many restaurants we went. We failed most of the time, and were hoping at this pretty-named salmon dish would not let us down. Well, the poached salmon did offer us the delicate texture we expected from this cooking method, but the flavor did not shine through the foam surrounding it. The foam looked great and had cute texture in our mouths, but sadly lacked any accent in terms of flavor. From the dish’s title, we were looking for that tangy “Parmesan” but found none. We actually had to ask for salt and pepper, after reluctant for a while. The asparagus might be the best element of the dish. They were cooked just right, crispy and sweet. Very difficult to pull off. The cute purple salad on top was just the decoration. It didn’t add any special note to the dish. Again, we were quite let down by the salmon but, okay, asparagus kinda saved the day.

The verdict: Go for the usual dish that didn’t require difficult cooking technique. Maybe try out the meat dish. (But we weren’t so much of the meat eaters so no review here, sorry) And the COCKTAIL was definitely a Must-try!


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