Jamie Oliver’s “Italian” has arrived in town!

Many of you are probably big fans of Jamie Oliver or at least have heard of him through food-related media sensation. I was an active viewer of some of his shows and have always wondered how good could simple cooking be.. So when I heard about Jamie’s Italian‘s new opening in Siam Discovery, I couldn’t help but be one of the first people to visit. Here’s the review!


It was difficult, first of all, to get the seats. We were lucky to wait only half an hour. Loved the atmosphere, the table, the comfy leather sofa, the lighting, industrial ceiling, the menu, and the customized napkin. His cook books were everywhere, up for sales of course. Looking outside and found this contrasting concept of upscaled and modern shopping complex kinda made me want to only focus inside the restaurant. The design really put you in a totally different from the external area.



A complimentary starter of thin garlic focaccia slices and balsamic vinaigrette

First dish was the Classic Super Food Salad (360 Baht): a super-fresh combination of avocado, roasted beets, mixed pulses & grains, sprouting broccoli, pomegranate & spicy seeds with harissa dressing & ricotta (read from the menu). Okay, that was a super long description of a dish. Can’t believe there’s no full stop there.


But everything written in there was just really there! Seeing the dish just made me so curious of the preparation back there in the kitchen. Avocado and roasted beets were well cooked. Pulses, grains, and seeds were just full-blown, so fun to eat, just like eating handfuls of satisfying healthy snacks. This could be the freshest element of today’s dining experience. Broccoli was crispy, a bit too hard to my liking. Very generous with the pomegranate. The best thing? = Harissa dressing and the spiciness! Such a wake-up surprise to the palate. And I loved just the way it coated the seeds and grains so well. The ricotta was catching all the tiny elements of the dish together like a soft mellow pillow. A truly well balanced dish. Verdict: go for this without doubt but DO so when you’re with a bunch of healthy food lovers.

We got 2 main pasta dishes. Why pasta? Well, we’re at Jamie’s, and it’s Italian! so pasta it is. First pasta dish: “Our famous prawn linguine” (300/390 Baht): Garlicky prawns with tomatoes, fennel, saffron, fresh chilli & rocketThe second pasta dish: Gennaro’s Tagliatelle Bolognese (280/360 Baht): Amazing pork & beef slow cooked with red wine, topped with pangrattato & parmesan. Chose this just to taste the basic. Both came with 2 sizes to choose from.We chose the smaller size so to feel a bit less guilty about ordering 2 pasta dishes. This concept should be carried out by more italian restaurants around town. Don’t they know there are more girls out there who love carbs but still care about their look and their time on the treadmill?


The “famous” prawn linguine really earned its name from its flavor. 300 baht for 7-8 big bouncy prawns? Totally worth it. The sauce came with garlic since the first sip, even more powerfully so when soaked in the pasta. After the spices woke up the tongue, I bit into the prawn, found its juice and smoky flavor, tuning up the volume of the spicy base, and finished with the bitter rocket leaf to put all the flavor notes down to a humble ending. Every bite induced you to take the next one. I can’t lie but you better make sure someone is there to watch you. Otherwise, you might end up eating the whole plate and brushed the leftover sauce with the bread provided. ;P


The bolognese was authentic and true to its originality. It was what it’s supposed to be. There was so much meat and cheese, covering the pasta, that it made you feel your money was worth it. The red wine flavor revealed itself slightly with the sauce, but a bit overpowered by the parmesan and some breadcrumbs on top. The pasta was a bit too soft to my liking, which would be more al dente. We couldn’t finish the pasta though. I guess the spicy prawns stole the show and left the bolognese in an “average” position. At the end we had to drip some spicy sauce on the bolognese just to add some exciting elements to the dish after the latter lost its heat.

Some other menus I urge you to try out is the appetizers such as music bread (which are thin crisps) with baked mushroom or black olive & sun-dried tomato tapenade, tomato bruschetta (slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, whipped ricotta, basil and olive oil), and just pretty much on that starter menu!


The service was nice. I guess it was because it had been only 2 weeks since its soft opening, the staffs were somehow a bit confused and didn’t know much details about the menu yet. We had to google our way through after she couldn’t really explain. Not gonna be harsh on her right now. We’ll see after coming back for the 2nd time around!

PS: Sorry I didn’t mention about the dessert. Didn’t have enough space in our belly to try.

Check out more menu from Thailand’s website ofJamie’s Italian: https://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/thailand/menu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamiesitalianbkk/


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