Ice-cream that’s worth the calories! at D’Ark EmQuartier

It’s summer here in Bangkok and it’s only natural that you would crave for cold sweet ice-cream to freshen your afternoon. If you’re on a diet, however, you should only aim for the ice-cream that would worth the calories you’re sacrificing!

Here at D’Ark EmQuartier, where it’s famous for the dog-friendly ambience, the great coffee and music, and the food; it has an interesting variety of ice-cream flavors you won’t find at any other places easily.

D'Ark Ice-creamWe picked a pyramid (125 Baht): a combination of any 3 selected scoops. Green seemed to catch our eyes so we went for Vanilla, Green tea and pistachio, and Popcorn! The three came on top of a bed of crumbles. Vanilla is as concentrated and authentic as it could be. Green tea is a bit overpowered by the pistachio, tasting like the green tea almond milk I bought earlier. And Popcorn — yes — is a bomb. It surprised us as soon as we tasted it. Not too strong, not too mild, but just right. It didn’t leave you wondering where is the popcorn but didn’t make you feel like you’re munching a melted bite of it either. Your nose filled with the aroma of a popcorn stall and your tongue the balanced sweetness.

We’ll go for it again!


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