About this blog!

Hi all from us! 

Thanks for visiting! We truly wait for someone like you who love good food in Bangkok! We are Bangkokians who love to explore talk-of-the-town restaurants and discover for ourselves “why” they receive such reviews.

We love cooking healthy and are not always heavy meat eaters, so you might not find lots of meat photos here. Salad and seafood would be dominant. But don’t worry, we don’t like boring food, so we will only select the most “original” and out-of-the-box menus to show you. We won’t bother tasting grilled salmon with steamed broccoli! (though that’s my comfort food)

Loving to watch reality cooking shows and food documentaries, we are just like other foodies in the world who have to get up and close to the food we see on the screen. The more dishes we taste, the more comparison we have when it comes to the next dish. We believe the standard is getting higher as we are accumulating our dining experiences.

Hope you will enjoy the ride with us. And if you’re also a foodie, then welcome! Please leave us any comment if you want us to go review somewhere you think is worth spending! 🙂

— January & Joke —


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