Citron & Chocolat at Le Pain de Joel Robuchon, NeWomen Shinjuku

When we were exploring a new department store in Tokyo, we found The latest store among Joel Robuchon’s empire, “Le Pain”. It is on the first floor of NeWomen (Luminere 0)”, which is right across Shinjuku station. With no hesitation, we decided to enter the store to take a look at his patisseries. Joel Robuchon is a very high-class and expensive name in the culinary world especially his “L’atelier de Joel Robuchon” (which is just established in Bangkok last year), it has no reason to not trying Robuchon’s “economy menu”. After a few minutes of reading  “Japanese – French only” names,  we bought Citron& Chocolat, a croissant-look one which is strongly recommended by the shop.

This crispy puff was coated with Lemon glazing its smell went well  with chopped pistachio. Overall taste and texture was beyond our expectation at the very first bite. the Citron cream inside was very nice with the combination of its medium-sweet taste, aroma and bitterness from the chocolate sauce. This made me enjoy this boulangeries till the last bite.

Honestly, we were very inspired from his creative menu list, combining ingredients together. Perhaps this could make Le Pain a place you should not miss when you visit Tokyo.